Things for Mac: The “Waiting For” Tag


I think one of the biggest reasons for my success as a project manager has been that I hardly ever let things fall through the cracks. That’s a pretty bold statement, but I feel like that’s literally what you’re getting paid to do anyways–herd cats, crack the whip, and never drop the ball. The key to not letting things fall through the cracks is TRACKING EVERYTHING and ALWAYS FOLLOWING UP.… Continue Reading

Best Calendar for Your Desktop


Today, I’m revealing another one of my must-have tech tools. Blotter is the nicest-looking and possibly only full-sized calendar app that stays on your desktop. It costs $9.99 and is only available for the Mac. Blotter works simply by pulling in your iCal Calendar (I think Apple is now just calling this “Calendar”) and displaying it in front of your desktop wallpaper. Image from alternativeTo Blotter runs in the background… Continue Reading

Google Chrome Custom Search Engines: Use them!


One productivity trick that saves me a ton of time is using Google Chrome Custom Search Engines. It may sound complicated and time-consuming to set up, but it literally takes a minute, and it will save you so much time in the long run. These custom search engines allow you to search almost any site straight from your browser URL bar, so you don’t need to open up the website… Continue Reading

A Simple and Lazy Investment Portfolio


I’m not an expert investor by any means, but I know enough to be able to build an incredibly simple but effective investment portfolio. My approach to investing is keeping things extremely minimal. I generally follow the Bogleheads approach to investing, which was pioneered by the retired CEO of Vanguard, John Bogle. We have just three exchange-traded funds that make up our investment portfolio: 1) a domestic stock fund, 2) an international… Continue Reading

Book Review: Eat That Frog!


Rating: 4/5 Eat That Frog! is a pretty short book I read last month, among the other 13 books I read in January. It focuses on the concept of “eating one’s frog,” or tackling the thing you don’t want to do but provides a great amount of value. Here are some key passages I highlighted1: “Your “frog” is your biggest, most important task, the one you are most likely to… Continue Reading

My Journey Through Learning to Become a Morning Person


One of my 2016 goals is to “Become a morning person.” I’ve struggled with waking up earlier ever since I joined the corporate world when I was 21. I was lucky to have flexible working hours, but this unfortunately got me into the habit of rolling into work at 10 a.m. pretty consistently. This would have been all well and fine if I was doing something productive before 10 a.m.,… Continue Reading

How I Read 14 Books Last Month


I never thought of myself as a fast reader, but in January I was able to read 14 books. I have a tendency to re-read paragraphs to make sure I didn’t miss anything and to sound out all the words in my head (subvocalization), which is supposedly an absolute speed-reading no-no. I read about 327 words per minute. The average reading speed is about 250, while speed readers read about 650… Continue Reading

Money Diary: What I Spent In a Week: February Week 1


Sunday 8:00 a.m.: I receive an email from my church saying my $25 weekly donation went through. 10:30 a.m.: Husband gases up the car at Costco. (-$32.24) 11:00 a.m.: I was being extra grouchy, so my husband and I headed to our favorite coffee shop (-$6). We got some (expensive) snacks because we were so hungry and we weren’t meeting our family for lunch until later in the afternoon (-$27.59). The husband got a cream puff for dessert (-$5).… Continue Reading