Salary Negotiation Tips

Close-up of a contract and glasses

I am really big on negotiating salaries. I once read that it’s the most money you’ll make in the shortest amount of time, and I strongly stand behind that. A 10-minute conversation can mean an extra ten thousand dollars in your pocket–cheesy but true. My Negotiating Journey I got my first opportunity to test my negotiating skills when I was 21 and first entering the corporate world. I had two job… Continue Reading

My Automated Personal Finance System


I hardly do any manual work or maintenance for my finances. Everything is pretty much automated, from paying bills to setting aside savings from every paycheck. I learned this system from a book called I Will Teach You To Be Rich, which sounds cheesy but is actually a really good book.     Our Automated System Explained Our income comes primarily from our paychecks. Other Income includes the schooling allowance I… Continue Reading

A Simple and Lazy Investment Portfolio


I’m not an expert investor by any means, but I know enough to be able to build an incredibly simple but effective investment portfolio. My approach to investing is keeping things extremely minimal. I generally follow the Bogleheads approach to investing, which was pioneered by the retired CEO of Vanguard, John Bogle. We have just three exchange-traded funds that make up our investment portfolio: 1) a domestic stock fund, 2) an international… Continue Reading

Money Diary: What I Spent In a Week: February Week 1


Sunday 8:00 a.m.: I receive an email from my church saying my $25 weekly donation went through. 10:30 a.m.: Husband gases up the car at Costco. (-$32.24) 11:00 a.m.: I was being extra grouchy, so my husband and I headed to our favorite coffee shop (-$6). We got some (expensive) snacks because we were so hungry and we weren’t meeting our family for lunch until later in the afternoon (-$27.59). The husband got a cream puff for dessert (-$5).… Continue Reading