A Favorite Analog Tool: Midori Traveler’s Notebooks


¬†Most of my productivity tools are apps and cloud-based tools that allow me to have everything I need even while on the go. I do still like to use analog tools from time to time just because it’s fun and sometimes putting pen to paper can be really motivating and stimulating. I got really into Midori Traveler’s Notebooks early last year. They are basically pieces of leather with an elastic… Continue Reading

My Journey Through Learning to Become a Morning Person


One of my 2016 goals is to “Become a morning person.” I’ve struggled with waking up earlier ever since I joined the corporate world when I was 21. I was lucky to have flexible working hours, but this unfortunately got me into the habit of rolling into work at 10 a.m. pretty consistently. This would have been all well and fine if I was doing something productive before 10 a.m.,… Continue Reading

Why Your Calendar Is Not Your To-Do List


One thing that makes me cringe more than anything is when people tell me they don’t need a to-do list because they just use their calendar. This can be convenient for some people because it gives them just one system to manage as opposed to having both a to-do list and a calendar, but to truly make the most of both tools calendars should be reserved for time-sensitive events only.¬†… Continue Reading