The Single Most Important Thing You Need to Constantly Get Promoted


In a previous post, I talked about how one of my goals for the month of January was to lock in a promotion that my boss had promised me in the summer of last year. I didn’t achieve that goal then, but I’m happy to report that I did accomplish it in February! I got promoted to Senior Technical Program Manager, which came with added responsibility and a nice pay raise.… Continue Reading

Salary Negotiation Tips

Close-up of a contract and glasses

I am really big on negotiating salaries. I once read that it’s the most money you’ll make in the shortest amount of time, and I strongly stand behind that. A 10-minute conversation can mean an extra ten thousand dollars in your pocket–cheesy but true. My Negotiating Journey I got my first opportunity to test my negotiating skills when I was 21 and first entering the corporate world. I had two job… Continue Reading