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Keep Your Family Organized with Google Family

May 22, 2018

Google has finally introduced the concept of a “Family,” where you can still keep your own personal accounts but also have a way to link all of your family members’ Google accounts so that sharing calendar events, notes, and photos is extremely straightforward. Google Family Calendar Before the introduction of Google Families, my husband and I would have to create calendar invites on our personal accounts and invite each other. With this…

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Make the Most of the New Gmail Snooze Feature on iOS

May 9, 2018

Gmail on iOS has an awesome new feature that allows you to snooze emails! You click a button and the email will be hidden until your selected date and time, at which point it pops back into your inbox. This fits perfectly into the Getting Things Done (GTD) model if you’re using that, as it allows you to defer action items to a later point. Even if you’re not using GTD, the…