Things for Mac: Projects and Areas


Projects and Areas is my last topic in this six-part introduction to Things. Check out the five other features I covered in previous posts: Inbox Today Next Scheduled Someday Projects 101 A project is anything that is comprised of more than one task and has a distinct “finished” state. Cleaning the garage is a project, while House Upkeep is not. The only open project I have right now is this… Continue Reading

Things for Mac: Scheduled Tasks


In this blog post, I cover my favorite feature of Things, Scheduled tasks. In previous posts in this blog series, I’ve covered the Inbox, Today, and Next. Scheduled Tasks 101 I cannot stress enough how useful the Scheduled section of Things is. I do think it is what separates Things from other popular productivity apps like Wunderlist and Omnifocus. Scheduled tasks are tasks that you’ve asked Things to remind you of… Continue Reading

Things for Mac: Today Section

Daily Review

This is the second post in a six-post blog series about my productivity tool of choice, Things for Mac. My previous post covered the Inbox feature of Things, which is the “first stop” for capturing random thoughts and reminders that will later be processed into actionable tasks. The section I want to cover in today’s post is the Today section in Things. Today 101 The Today section in Things is… Continue Reading

Blog Series: The Best To Do List and Productivity App


The bulk of my productivity system revolves around the productivity app called Things. It’s made by a software company called Cultured Code. It’s available for Mac, iOS, and even has an accompanying Watch app. I’ve been using Things for about six years now and still have yet to find anything else that works better for me. Things is really great for people like me who subscribe to the whole Getting… Continue Reading

Why Your Calendar Is Not Your To-Do List


One thing that makes me cringe more than anything is when people tell me they don’t need a to-do list because they just use their calendar. This can be convenient for some people because it gives them just one system to manage as opposed to having both a to-do list and a calendar, but to truly make the most of both tools calendars should be reserved for time-sensitive events only. … Continue Reading